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An interactive social experience.


A co-production with Rooftop Content Group, created for PWC, introducing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

An engaging and emotional journey to reach one goal: Sustainability by 2030.


The experience includes virtual reality, projections and interactive games in a custom-made dome.


The experience was launched on Feb 12th, runs 10 times a day and is fully booked. Going on a worldwide tour in May 2019.


Watch the trailer HERE!


An interactive VR experience.


The most common experience we all share as humans is our ability to make a choice. Each choice has a deep impact on our lives and surroundings.


In our demo, YOU choose and create a world based on your choices, represented by original musical numbers, dancers, fascinating characters and cutting edge design.


Every choice will take you to a different path and impact your final creation.


Be the writer of your own story.


More info HERE!

Original IP combining live performance and VR\AR.


An audience co-creation that allows the participants to influence the show in real time, making every show different.


The story follows N, who lives on a dying planet, where humanity’s chaos threatens its most cherished ideals. Time is running out; soon life will be destroyed and a new world will be created.


N is created to serve one purpose; save humanity and bring back justice. On her mission, she is faced with some tough decisions in need to create a new world as she, and the audience, see fit.


Watch the trailer HERE!



Uri Schutzer and Shmuel Ben Shalom have more than 15 years of combined experience in directing and design for worldwide award-winning commercials, music videos, and interactive experiences.


Those years of experience have brought them to think about how we engage with entertainment, and to think outside the box in order to redefine it.


Watch the showreel HERE!